Chat FAQs

  1. You do NOT have to register to use it, you can use it as a guest.
  2. If you do register you can choose to do it independently, ie no ties to FB or anything else.  Registering just means it remembers your name, photo, customised emojis, etc., so it's just a bit easier
  3. You can't 'like' comments as you do in FB, but you can reply to a comment (click the ... to the right of the comment) adding a thumbs up or other emoji.
  4. The only way you can be banned from it is if one of the presenters bans you - and you have to be a complete knob to get banned by us!
  5. You can still use FB to view playlists, get Mixcloud links and comment outside of live broadcast hours.
  6. There is a 1,000 character limit on comments
  7. The reasons for switching to it are:
  • so that members in FB jail can still comment/request, etc. during shows
  • FB is problematic, ie gifs keep failing to load, comments appear in random order making it hard to keep up (especially for presenters)
  • you can listen within the chat, which means you only need one window open - useful on mobiles. See the guide 
  • people who don't like/don't use FB can still join in the chat
10. IT'S FREE! We could add lots of things, including the display of a playlist, but then it starts to cost money and Snake is already paying about £20 monthly, as well as the annual fees, to keep things going.

If you want to use the popout chat alongside the webpage so you can see the playlist: once you've clicked join the chat click the three lines on the menu and select poput, then adjust the size of your webpage and popout windows (see images below). Then click 'Join' again.