JD Quenzer
(aka The Mighty Goatlord)

Presents 2Eclectic With JD Quenzer.
Station Manager. 
Multi-instrumentatlist, experienced radio host with a wealth of knowledge musical, astronomical and technical.  Friend to goats of all skins. Germanic Scot.
Expect any/all genres of music from this man.
And he has a great beard.

Mark Lee
(aka Snake)

Presents Snake Rocks.
Station owner (aka megalomaniac).
Has worked in live events for longer than he cares to remember in most roles - stage manager, compere, stage tech, drum tech, rigger, set carp, kitten herding, etc.
Erstwhile vocalist and keyboard player with Doctor Hasbeen.
Can turn his hand to most things (except childbirth, but he's working on that)
Primary contact for RSG on email.mlee@gmail.com

Carina Mousel
(aka The Mouse)

Presents Mouse Roars.
Station Co-owner/manager & doer-of-necessary-things.
Plays music she enjoys, expecially oldies (cos she's one herself) and loves a themed show.
Ageing hippie who presents whilst wearing slippers.  Comfort is everything.

John and Jen Graves (aka the Lampies, aka the Llamas)

Present Raves From The Graves.
Expect the unexpected from these two lovable loons! They suck you into their world with vast musical experience,  anecdotes and - how shall we put it? - a free kind of presenting style, including updates on the Estate, in particular the llamas, Belle and Thebathtian.
When not presenting, as Zenjen Lighting they provide superb dark lighting and trippy visuals to gigs and festivals. Probably explains a lot...
And they make a great cuppa.

Niall   Kingdom (aka the Capybara)

Presents The Wizard's Trip.

Niall knows his music - he is a member of bands Deltanaut and Santiago Kings and was involved in Medway Pride Radio for almost three years.  RSG are proud to have him on board!