The Wizard's Trip

Niall is passionate about all things Prog and wants to prove that it is not all about fellas in capes, standing on one leg whilst playing woodwind instruments. The show will bring you the many different types of Prog and demonstrate that it is more than just aesthetics.  

He's excited (calm down dear!) about bringing you the music that he loves, discovered over the years, and some music you might not have heard in a long time or even heard before! 

2Eclectic With JD Quenzer

Does what it says on the tin! Western and World music, traditional and modern, pure and fusion. From Gregorian chant to Indonesian Gamelan, Krautrock to traditional folk, banjos and lutes - anything goes! 
You never know where JD's musical train of thought will take you.

Requests welcome in the chat during the show.

Snake Rocks

All forms of rock from classic to innovative.  Features: 
  • The Trilogy of Tuneage (three in a row)  
  • Quadrilogy of Quatrains, aka "Ladies Wi' Lungs", four tracks from the very best female rock vocalists.
All presented in Snake's inimitable, no-holds-barred style.  Not for the delicate or fainthearted!

Requests welcome in the chat during the show.

Mouse Roars

Most shows are themed with many genres covered and occasionally a mini-quiz or a whole request show.
Requests welcome.
  • Geoff's Jams - three of the best mainly blues tracks chosen by Mr Geoff Pinn with interesting background info.
  • Grizz's Sublime to the Craptacular - as the name suggests, he soothes your ears with an epically sublime track only to then have you reaching for the mute button (but don't, it's not allowed!).
  • Podrovski Picks - a small selection of tunes that  Kommander Podrovski has been listening to lately in his bunker. We could tell you more but ...
Requests welcome in the chat during the show.

Raves from the Graves

Anything goes when John and Jen take to the airwaves! Expect B-
sides of hits, obscurities, rarities and the ramblings of warped Lampie minds...

Requests welcome in the chat during the show.